Monday, July 30, 2012

The re-location of strawberries

Three years ago, we purchased 12 strawberry plants, which I planted in a corner of my garden.  In the past years they have multiplied into easily over 50 plants.  Sadly they have bore very little fruit.  I decided enough was enough and since my garden space is limited (about 10' x 20') the strawberries had to go, so the soil could be more productive.

But I couldn't bare to just compost these plants.  I mean, they did reproduce nicely.  And they somehow survived the drought like summer we have had.  I felt I owed it to them to re-locate.

Enter in...the milk crate!

I had watched a special on an urban farm in New York city that grew everything in milk crates.  I have experimented a bit with some pepper plants.

But it occurred  to me this could be the perfect strawberry planter.

First line the crate with landscape fabric, then fill with soil. I cut out squares, then stapled them together to make an open cube.

Now just cut a hole in the fabric in the side.  Using your good steak knives is not mandatory.

Poke your finger in to make a hole in the soil.

Trim any dead parts off your plants.

And shove your sad looking, yet surviving plant, into the hole.

Make sure not to put it in too far so that the new leaves can make their way out.

Fill in the side leaving space between plants.  Plant some more in the top, keep watered and now you have a strawberry planter. 

I have 23 plants in a 1 foot square space.  Hopefully next summer I will get some strawberries.

Just on the other side of my milk crates, I have tomatoes in buckets.  I am trying to use any available space and this seems to be working.  Now I just need more crates and buckets!


  1. Wowza! Mama, I just stumbled upon your bloggy and I feel so happy to be in like-minded company! Hehe, we are in similar paths! I love the photos of all your yummy garden goodness! So summery!

    I will enjoy "catching" up with your blog when my little ones are in bed ;)


    1. Samantha, so glad to have you along. I am looking forward to checking out your blog as well.