Thursday, August 2, 2012

Word Wall

 As we progress in Esther's reading, every week there are new words for her to learn and master.  I use different activities to keep this exciting.  Right now we have this chart hanging in our dining room.  I write one word on each card and slip it into the pockets.  I put it in the dining room because she sees it throughout the day and the words become more familiar to her.

 Everyday, I have her read through the words.  If she reads it correctly the first time, she can add a dot to the card.  Five dots and the card can be removed from the chart.  This way, once she masters a word, it is removed and she can focus on the harder ones.  I am saving the cards to be used soon in some games.
Right now, she loves this.  I often catch her standing in front of the chart, reading the words.  Or she will arrange them into a sentence.  I am glad she loves words so much.  Now if only she would enjoy numbers as well!

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