Monday, July 23, 2012

Tot School

 Yay! I am finally back at Tot School!  My homeschool/Blog adventure all started here three years ago with my daughter.  Now I am here (at least for a bit) with my son.
Tot School

Elijah is 3.5 years old
 Here are a few activities we did this week:

Colored paper, with a number and the corresponding number of dots.  Today we used mini erasers to cover each of the dots

 Tub of rice and beans with letter hidden in it

 Using stamps.  Always a favorite for fine-motor skills
 Color mixing on a coffee filter.  I used an eye dropper and food coloring in water.

 Special Art project: color coffee filter with washable markers then spray with water for colors to run together.

We left them out to dry and were going to make butterflies with them and pipe-cleaners, but a storm blew through and blew them away.  We'll try again next week.

 For this file folder game, you have to roll the dice and which ever number you roll, that animal moves forward one dot.  Each time we play this, we use different objects in the "race".  This week, the dog won!  Congratulations!

We practiced letters using pom-poms on magnets.  I first saw these at Mama Jenn. I would make a letter and Elijah would guess what it was.  Then he would make a letter and I would guess.

 And finally, Elijah's current favorite activities, hole punching and scissor cutting.
That's it for this week.  To see what others have done, check out some other Tot School posts Here!

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  1. Your simple file folder game looks like a great way to teach counting numbers.