Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tot School

Well, I know many of you decided to stay with me because of my tot school posts, and I am finally able to start them again now that the camera has been found. The following pictures are from three weeks ago.

This first one is for you mom,

Its our first official "first day of school picture". Mom I can remember you dragging us outside on the first day of school and then proceeding to take a gazzilion pictures of us all the while our eyes are rolling and comments are dropped under our breathe....ahh, the good old times of childhood.

Now before you all start getting worried about me, I am aware of the fact this it is May and that most people are ending school. I am just starting a new phase of learning with both kids and this seemed like the perfect time. Elijah seems ready to start tot school while Esther is demanding more structured learning. So...hence the first day of school picture.

The rest of the pictures I am going to list with brief descriptions. If any of you would like more info about them, please feel free to ask, I just don't want to bore you with too much details if you aren't interested.

Sorting shells
Making flowers for the book "Plant a Rainbow"
Counting bean game. Pick a popsicle stick numbered 1-5 add that number of beans to your pile. At end count all your beans. The one with the most wins. Surprisingly Esther counted all the way to 22 on her own!
Seeing what happen when celery is put into colored water and drawing pictures in our science notebook
Peeling a carrot

Sadly, the only picture of Elijah is playing with blocks and touch and feel nursery rhyme cards.

Unfortunately this is when the camera went missing so there are no pictures of the next two weeks when we learned all about bears and did project with the books, going on a bear hunt and Jesse Bear What Will you Wear.

Michelle you did a great post about Jesse bear, so if any of you are interested go check hers out and just envision my kids in her pictures!

The next two weeks we are studying ladybugs so there should be lots to share.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The camera has been found!!

I don't know why but I really have an aversion to posting without pictures. Thankfully our camera has been found with all pictures safe and sound. So now to get updating you all on what has been going on. I think I will start with the cutest pictures.....

This past weekend, Esther had a dance recital. We had decided to take Esther to dance lessons during the winter. The purpose was to give her an outlet for all of her energy. Family, you know what I'm talking about. She can be quite a handful on certain days. Here she is in her costume in our front yard.
While taking pictures she became infatuated with looking for bugs, all while mom, (that's me) is frantically running araound trying to keep her costume clean.
Before the show she was backstage getting ready. She loved watching the older girls in their beautiful costumes.
Then came the time for the show. I would like to say that she stole the show with her beautiful dancing. Well... she did steal the show, by twirling. That's all she did. Twirl. Over and over and over again. The audience was laughing so hard that it encouraged her to do it even more. least she didn't run off the stage crying.

Here she is in mid twirl
Every once and a while she realized everyone else was doing the dance and she would join in for a few moments, then back to twirling she went!

It was a great day and Esther had lot's of fun. She is definitely not afraid of the stage!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anyone seen a camera?

Well, it seems that our camera has gone missing. I have been taking lots of pictures and I had been waiting for my husband to move the pictures onto the computer for me and when he was able to...the camera is gone. We have been doing some great school work as well as some great outdoor adventures, unfortunatley it would be no fun to share without pictures. So.. unitl we find our camera I have some other pictures to share. Taylor, my sister-in-law who is living with us currently, is a photographer. She just gave us some pictures that she had taken of the kids over the past few moths, so I thought I could at least share those.

Last bits of winter...

Playing with water....

Spring in the Arb (arboretum)....