Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nature Explorers - Frogs


Last year, on this blog I had started a group called Nature Explorers.  Every week I purposed to get my kids out in nature to explore, learn something and have fun.  I shared from my knowledge and experience as an Outdoor Education Instructor so that others could join in our fun.  I hope to fully start this program again soon and I hope others will join in as well.

This week, for our outdoor exploration time, we went to the arboretum across the street from us in search of frogs.  The first pond we found was so low in water and filled with duckweed, it made finding and catching frogs very difficult.

 We did see several turtles basking in the sun in a larger pond.
 We also saw the moon.  It was odd to see it in the middle of the day, but the kids thought it was pretty cool.
 Finally we found some frogs.  And after much screeching and laughing we finally caught a frog.  Note to self: next time use a net without a hole in the bottom.
 He was a pretty good size frog, and I am pretty sure he was a green frog, though I did not get out the field guide to check.  When catching frogs the best way to hold them is around their "waist". (do frogs have waists?!)  We had some great lessons about the anatomy of amphibians.  The favorite parts were the special see through eyelid the frog has that covers its eye when it goes under water.  Also that frogs have no ears.  Instead they have a tympanum (the round circle behind the eye).  It acts like a drum and feels vibrations.
Unfortunately this is where my camera batteries died.  Esther did bring along her camera though and she made her own video, which you can check out below which is featured on her youtube channel.

I hope you were able to get outside with your kids this week as well.  Next week, I will hopefully have a place for you to link up, if you would like to join us with Nature Explorers

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  1. Jen, you started it THREE years ago, LOL! Can you believe it? :) LOVED Ester's video ~ so cute! We studied frogs not too long ago ~ didn't catch one, though! So neat that you did!