Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tot School

Tot School

Elijah is 3.5 years old

Here are a few highlights from our week in Tot School:

We played a simple game called Copy That I gathered a few items, making sure i had two of everything.  Elijah would hide behind the couch while I paced the objects in a specific way (the plate on the left).  Then Elijah would come over and have to "copy that" set up exactly.  This was great in creating observation skills.

We did some color mixing using puffy paint. There are many recipes out there, but here is the one I used.
 We learned about the letter E
 which included the story of the cobbler and the elves with felt people.

 We made a garbage gobbler with two paper plates stapled together, and learned the importance of not littering.
 We used them to play a game to see who could pick up the most "trash" (crumpled used paper) Sorry for the blurry action shots.

 We also went on a family adventure looking for different kinds of seeds.  Click Here to see more of our adventure.

To see what others are doing in Tot here!

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