Friday, January 29, 2010

Tot School - January

Tot School

Esther is 38 months old

Tot school is back in session after a very long break. We have been doing "school" of and on, but i just haven't been taking pictures or blogging about it. We went away for a vacation for an extended weekend, so our school time was a little short. We are finishing up using our winter themed activities since I am getting ready for valentines day.
Esther loves the Five Little Snow Man song, to see the original, click here.

She matched the letters in her name using clothespins with snowflake letters on them. The penguin alphabet came from here. (it is labeled as penguin letter sequence)

She also did this measuring activity from Walking By the Way

Esther loves to cut, especially using her Kumon Cutting book

I had picked up a textbook of art this past summer at a library book sale. Every week we pick a picture from it and talk about it.

For science time, We learned about our lungs. I have been using the Usborne Science activities books and I love them.

We made a lung using a soda bottle, balloon, plastic bag and tape. As you pull the bag (diaphragm) down it inflated the balloon (lung). It's actually quite cool!

We also tested to see our lung capacity, or how much air we have in our lungs. This was a big hit since it meant she could blow bubbles all she wanted in the water.

That was our week, to see what others did, click the button below.
Tot School


  1. What great science experiments!! It looks like she had a lot of fun :)

  2. Fun to see you back in action! Ester's hair is getting long and she seems more grown up! Blessing to you! *Ü*

  3. Very nice - I may have to see if my library has these books. Thank you for the info. Cute blog! Your daughter has such pretty hair! :)

  4. Wow, what a great week!! I've often thought of buying one of those Kumon books. I need to just do it and see if Maddie likes it! Esther looks totally engaged!

  5. What neat science books. Thank you so much for the recommendations!