Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi there...

It's been a while....

Guess Where I've been.

No, not completely frazzled out of my mind trying to overhaul the way we eat while caring for two little ones.

Ok maybe a little frazzled. But really we've been somewhere much nicer, here's a hint...

Yep, that's right, Florida!! Those of you living in the northern states must understand why this was so exciting. I don't think the temperature has gone above 35 in over two months. I miss the sun. Plus I think that I am really affected by the lack of sunlight and being trapped indoors for so long. Which is why when we were given an opportunity to go to Florida to see my husbands family, we jumped at it.

Here are the kids with their Great Grandma.

We were able to do some exploring and had a great time. Esther was in love with the beach.

My favorite was seeing manatees.

For my husband, I think it was just being able to spend time with his kids in a place that he loves.

Just before leaving for Florida, we also took a trip to Connecticut to see my family. I will have pictures to show when I am able to get them from my mother.

Well, now that we are home and I have a little more vitamin D in my system I think that I am ready to tackle my plans for tot school, garden, kitchen and home. I am excited to be back on blogger again as well. For a bit there I really was thinking of closing the account, but I am glad I didn't . I guess all I needed was a trip to Florida.


  1. As our temperatures drop yet again, and the snow flies, we were just thinking we needed more sunshine. We were thinking Maui, but I definitely wouldn't complain about Florida either. In reality, we will just be toughing it out until summer, but we keep dreaming.

    Looks beautiful!!!

  2. I can imagine how healing the sunshine would have been. I need a dose of vitamin D myself. Wyoming has been way too cold and snowy for too long now. I have been thinking of you and I am glad that you peeked your head into bloggy land to let us know that all is well. I think it is great what you are doing and hope that your adventure into whole foods is going well. *Ü*