Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Story, part 2

First, we are all on the mend now. Thankfully I did not get hit with the bug, just the kids and hubby. We can't seem to keep illness from this house, I definitely could use some advice on how to keep us healthy. I know our new way of eating will help a little, but there needs to be something else we can do.

But for now, the story continues.....

So my husband and I watched Food Inc., and when it was finished all we could do was look at each other speechless. We were just in shock. I have known that the food that I buy and feed my family probably wasn't the best for us, but truthfully I didn't really want to know where it all came from. It was cheap, it filled us and most of the time it tasted good.

But now...after watching that.....

I could try to explain all that the movie was about, but really I would do no justice. You need to watch it. Be warned, it will affect you.

Click here to go to the official website or watch the trailer below.

That night I couldn't sleep. I am fully aware that Food Inc. is a movie that was made to show one view point and to show the worst of the worst to get their point across. The problem is that even if it is the worst, it is still true. Seeing how the animals were treated, knowing how farmers are being monopolized, how our food is being altered in a way that can never be repaired. I never realized how much corn is in everything we eat. Cows were made to eat grass, not corn. Does everything we eat have to have corn syrup in it?

I fully admit that I buy things on the shelf without even looking at the ingredients. I have no idea what I have been eating, been feeding my family. Since that night I have been reading ALL the labels on food and I have been shocked. What have I been eating things I can't even pronounce. We are just not meant to eat these things. Yet, we do.

The next morning we sat down to have breakfast and I looked at my plate and almost couldn't eat it. We had breakfast sausage from the freezer. It was the really cheep kind. I don't know if there really was any sausage in it. I knew that our pantry and fridge needed an overhaul and fast. The problem was were to start.

It was so overwhelming. I had to keep keep reminding myself that we've been eating this food for a while and a little while longer won't do too much harm. The first thing I had to do was figure out exactly what I was going to look for in the food we would eat. I decided it had to fit into at least one of the following categories:
1. Local (within 100 miles)
2. Organic
3. Whole (unprocessed)

If it fit into more than one category, even better. Essentially, I wanted to know where our food was coming from. What exactly are we putting in our bodies.

Now all I had to do was find the food.

Look for part 3 on how and where we found our food that changed our pantry.


  1. I definitely know what you mean. I have not seen that movie, yet, but started our own journey to more nutrient dense foods about 4 years ago.

    We don't do well on the local end of things, but we do eat mostly organic, and mostly unprocessed. I would encourage you to take baby steps, it takes time. We started with switching to organic produce. It was expensive, but didn't mean replacing too much or changing flavors too quickly.

    You may have an easier time since your kids are younger. My oldest was 8 and had very trained tastebuds. It is a LONG journey, but definitely worth it.

  2. We do a few things to stay healthy: vegetarian diet, limit sweets (energy is taken from your immune system to help with the digestion of the sugars), and see a chiropractor (if your spine isn't in alignment, your body is in a weakened state and more susceptible to everything). We began the chiropractor in September and haven't been sick since. Sounds kind of crazy, but it has made a huge difference!!