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Tot School - February 7, 2010

Tot School

Esther is 39 Months old
Since reading this post almost a year ago I have been wanting to do it, but was waiting until I had a good supply of buttons and I could find the book. I had ordered The Button Box from our library and it finally arrived. After reading the book I presented Esther with her very own box of buttons. To say she was excited would be an understatement.

The buttons I had bought at Michaels. They came all together in a bag and it cost $4.00

She spent time just looking through them, sorting them and playing with them.

Later in the week we used them for counting. I am sure they will be brought out again for many more learning adventures.

We also used our Kumon tracing Book for the first time. She loved it!! In fact I had to stop her after several pages so that she would be excited to do more the next day.

We had a guest with us one day so we all got to paint with kool aid

As well as play dress up for a tea party.
We learned about Daniel and lion's den and made this stuffed lion craft. I tried to take a nice picture but the lion was too busy drinking Esther's milk.
For our science time we learned all about out skin, why we sweat, and our fingerprints.

We also played with poker chips.

It has been a year since I first started Tot School and this blog, (Happy Birthday me!) and I can't believe that not once have I shared how much I LOVE poker chips! We use them for so many learning activities. For some reason my kids love the feel of the chips as well as the sound they make when they clink together.

This week Esther used poker chips to practice her shapes. I would start a shape for her and she would finish it.

She also practiced her patterning.

Little Man Elijah also has started joining us. Here he is with the very first Tot Tool I ever made.

I took a frosting container (any plastic container would work) and I cut a slit in the top. I used duct tape to cover any sharp edges. When you push the poker chip through the slit it makes a great clinking sound. Once they're all in you shake it for good measure, then open it up and start all over again. Both my kids love this toy and it occupies them for quite a while.

That was our week for Tot school to see what other are doing click the button below.
Tot School


  1. What a fun week! This is the 2nd post I read about poker chips! They look like such a fun tool! The button box is super cute!

  2. So many people have mentioned poker chips this week! I really like all the ideas that I have found for them....So much that I picked so up for us today!

  3. I am drooling over those buttons! Cute ideas!

  4. I love the idea of the Button Box! How very special! Next time we go to the city I will look for those buttons! Thanks for sharing your week, and happy one year blogiversary! =)

  5. I have a box of poker chips back in America--in storage. I have a huge collection of buttons... back in America. I just don't know how much I can fit into my suitcases on our next trip! I really need to get that button book too. Thanks for some great ideas!