Monday, August 24, 2009

Tot School - Aug 16-23

Tot School
Esther is 33 Months Old

We had another great week of Tot School.

For Fine Motor Control we used tweezers to sort big and little pom poms

As well as some scissor practice. (Thanks to Tater Tot School for the suggestion for worksheets to use)

For Gross M0tor Skills I taught Esther how to do some tumbling. I used a napping pad as a cushion. (purchased at Target for $6)

For Math Readiness we focused on the number 8, so we played crazy eights

and made spiders, which have eight legs. (This was also our Structured Art Project for the week)

For our Unstructured Art Project, we simply "painted" with glue on some construction paper....

then left it out in the sun to fade out...

Wherever the glue was, it stays the original color while the rest bleaches out. Unfortunately it started to rain so ours only got 4 hours of sun. The longer you leave it out, the more faded it will be.

We also did a little Science time to find out why we should use soap when washing our hands.
You take a bowl of water, sprinkle pepper on top, covering the surface. You then drop a small bit of hand soap in the middle and watch what happens.

I explained that the soap pushes the dirt away, making it clean. **If you plan on doing this, you should have several bowls ready, because once you drop the soap in the water, you cannot re-create the experiment without fully washing out the bowl. I had 9 of these bowls on hand and Esther used every single one and wanted to do more!

Finally, as part of preparing for The Nature Explorers Club, we went on a hike with our neighbor to find some squirrels...

which we didn't find, but did find a really cool burrow in the base of a tree. I think it was a groundhog, Esther is convinced it was a raccoon.

That was our week. To see what other did click below, otherwise have a great week!
Tot School