Tuesday, August 18, 2009

He Bear, She Bear

I am blessed by the fact that my parents kept several books from my childhood. Many of them currently sit on my bookshelves and Esther loves reading them. This week, she is infatuated with "He bear, She Bear" by Stan and Jan Berenstein.

I love the Berenstein Bears, but this book is perfect for right now. Esther sometimes mixes up her he's and she's. In a typical Berenstein Bears easy to read sing song rhyme formation, brother and sister bear help to explain what it means to be a "he" and a "she". It goes on to show all the different jobs a He Bear and a She bear could do.

Overall, its a book I don't mind reading ten times a day (which I do), and it definitely has helped Esther with her he's, she's, we's and I's.

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  1. I just remembered about some books that I had when I was younger and I went looking in my parent's house this summer. I found a bunch of good books. I'm so glad they saved them so I can read them to my kids now.