Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thoughts of a Child

This past week, we were blessed to have a band camp practicing across the street from us. This year they weren't that bad. I don't mind hearing the same two lines of music over and over again as long as it is a nice tune. I decided to take the kids over one morning to watch as they practiced. I laid out a blanket and we all sat down to watch and listen. It didn't take long before Esther was off the blanket and exploring all around us. I asked her to return to the blanket so that we could listen to the band, so she sat down. Two minutes later, she was up again. I explained to her that if she didn't want to listen to the band, then we could just go home. She could easily play in the grass in our own front yard and I would have to worry about keeping Elijah quiet. (he likes to scream and I didn't think it would fit into their music well)

She quickly and emphatically said that she wanted to listen to the music, so I told that she should sit down. Now I'm frustrated and she's frustrated and I'm thinking we should just pack the whole thing up, when she gets up looks at me and says...

"I'm listening in my ears Mommy. (she points to her ears) In here, I'm listening to the music."

She then went and played in the grass. We remained there for a little while, and I did some serious thinking. So often I am trying to fit my child to a certain mold. In this case, to sit quietly and watch the band without distraction. In my mind, this is the best way to enjoy the music. But for my sweet little one, it is quite different. While her ears were listening to the music, her eyes and hands were busy elsewhere. She was enjoying the benefit of two things, music and nature, in her own way.

I am quickly learning that there is a difference to "molding" our children and trying to fit them into a specific mold.

Ahhh, the joys of parenthood. Thank God our children are as forgiving as they are.

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