Thursday, May 12, 2011

What we are doing for school - Kindergarten

I have decided to start Esther with My Fathers World Kindergarten.  I decided to start kindergarten because she really just wanted to learn more and more.  She knows her alphabet, sounds and is beginning to read.  She can already print her alphabet quite well and knows all her colors, shapes and numbers.  She is extremely curious and does seems to become quite irritable if we are not doing some sort of constructive learning.  I also realized that I needed some type of structure to go by.  So in comes My Fathers World.

We are using the curriculum at a much slower pace.  Instead of one week per topic, we take two weeks. I also am not using their phonics program, instead we are using "Teach Your Child to Read in One Hundred Lessons".  We are on lesson 42 and she really likes it.  I like it too because everything I need is written right in the book.  I was skeptical at first, but I really do like it alot.  We will see how well she is reading at the end of the book.

Overall, I love the program.  It gives me just enough structure that I'm not frantically trying to pull lessons together, but enough freedom to add in my own activities.  I love how "hands on" it is.  I just ordered ants which should arrive soon to fill our ant farm, plus we have been able to do other things like sew, model with clay and cook. For Esther it seems to be a good mix of worksheets (which she loves) and hands-on activities.  I also use Kumon books, filefolder games as well as puzzles and board games.

I hope to show bi-weekly updates as we work our way through the curriculum.

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