Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Would You Join Me

This past few weeks I have been testing out a book that I bought at a library book sale. The book is called "Nature For the Very Young", by Marcia Bowden. I LOVE this book.

I was once an Outdoor Education Instructor who spent my days playing in the field, forest or pond teaching children all about the wonders of nature. Once I had my children, I left that job to be a full time mom. I have always known that nature exploration would always be big between me and my kids. I have a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge, but it is nice to have a basic framework to follow when it comes to my children's education. This is why I think this book is the best out there. Marcia lays out a basic framework of topics for throughout the season. She gives you background information, some suggested activities (indoors and out), but always stresses that open investigation always leads to the best learning atmosphere.

So, my plan....Every week I will be doing a planned nature activity with my daughter. Most of the time I will be using the suggestions from "Nature For the Very Young", plus I will add a few things from my own experience. I may sometimes add in my own topic, especially if one from the book doesn't fit with our habitat here. I will post about the topic, giving facts, songs, activities, and or crafts that can go along with it. But, in general, I will plan on trying to find a way to have my daughter come in direct contact with the topic of the week.

If you, dear reader, are interested and want to follow the activities as well, then you are more than welcome to join us. I'm not planning on using mr linky nor are you required to tell me if you are using the ideas.(but it would be nice :) ) My whole purpose in sharing is to try and make it easier for moms to share nature with their kids.

If you are going to join us, I would try to get your own copy of the book. There are many things in the book itself that I just will not be able to share with you, like sketches to be used for an activity. I would try your library first.

Here are the planned topics for the next five weeks:
Queen Anne's Lace
Oak Trees

So get your boots and magnifying glasses ready, beacsue we're going exploring!!


  1. I once worked in environmental ed too! These are great ideas! I doubt we'll be joining you on a regular basis since it's hard to fit in our Bible story and related lessons. But we'll be keeping these in mind!!

  2. Jen, I think this is a fabulous idea! We would love to be a part of this! I so want to incorporate more nature studies into our homeschool and have been planning away! I am super excited to see this book - I am so buying it! What do you think of Anna Comstocks book? I have it to read online, but am really considering the print version. I have more thoughts, but I will email them when I get back home. *Ü*

  3. I went ahead and ordered the book - we will not be able to join you until September, though, but excited to do so! Thanks so much for doing this - this is just the inspiration I need!

  4. I just ordered it from our library. Thanks for the recommendation.