Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Re-Organization and Makeovers

While on my two week vacation from home, it became very apparent that there were several parts to my life that needed to be re-organized, re-vamped or overhauled. Everything seemed to come down to time and what I did with it. My husband and I sat down and I shared with him my thoughts and ideas and he agreed with the changes.

The largest change, is that we have designated two nights during the week for computer or TV, Tuesday and Friday. The other three days we are going to read, work on projects and overall, spend more time together. We have also added some family walking time together every evening (weather permitting) after dinner. So far we have had one successful week and I am really going to enjoy the new schedule.

Speaking of schedule....I have scheduled my days during the week. The only time constraint I have put in the schedule is nap time, which is a priority, otherwise it is just a list of things in order. For instance our morning routine looks like this:
Eat Breakfast
Brush Teeth
Get dressed
Make beds, Open Curtains
Mom cleanup breakfast, kids play quietly
Read Bible
Tot School

I have always had a bit of order in my routine, but having it on paper and posted in eye sight makes a big difference in making sure nothing is missed or forgotten. I can't tell you how many times I have left the house without brushing my teeth. (ahh! did I just share that!!)

I've also decided that my husband and I need a place that we can go on a date, while not leaving our home. Basically a special spot on our property that we can sit and talk and it is nice, calming and maybe a little romantic. I've decided to use our very neglected back porch and give it a makeover.

Since money is tight, I have given myself a budget of ten dollars. Basically I am going to try to use what we already have around the house. We'll see if I can do it.

With all of this going on, it has been hard to find a place for blogging in my life, but it is important to me, so I will work it in. I would be really interested to know how all you other moms out there find the time to stay updated, or if you have a tips or tricks.


  1. Congratulations on making the effort to do the things that are important to you....everything else will fall into place. Good Luck!

  2. I think this is such a wonderful idea!