Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tot School, Gardens Galore

Tot School
Star is 29 months old

We had a very, unstructured Tot school for the past two weeks. We went to the Toledo Zoological Gardens (A.K.A. the Toledo Zoo)

Also, here in lower Michigan, Mother's Day is the official day you can start planting your garden, so much of our time has been outside. I taught Star how to plant seeds, gave her her own seeds and her own square foot of garden.

I honor of planting season, we read the book, "The Carrot Seed". Star loved this book. I found her "reading it to herself" (she was narrating the pictures out loud). We also did a lapbook for this book from Homeschool Share.

We did have one day where it was too cold and windy outside so we did some planned activities.

We played with Do-A-Dot markers (click here for where we got the picture)

Made Rice Crispies treat sculptures

And Stars all time favorite, pouring water using a funnel. I know you all have seen children pouring water, so the following video probably isn't all that interesting, but I added it for my mother (Hi Mom!). Kids are so cute when they are doing something they really enjoy.

That was our two weeks, to see what others did for tot school, click the link below.
Tot School


  1. Thank you for the video...and making my day extra special!!!!LOVE YOU ALL! MOM

  2. What a wonderful post. RockerTot enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I am so jealous of your garden!!! I WANT a green thumb!!!