Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tot School-Caterpillars and Butterflies

Tot School

Star is 28 Months Old

This week in Tot school, we learned about caterpillars and butterflies. We read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar while using this great project. It was great for counting practice as well as re-telling the story later in the week without the book.
Tot School
We made caterpillars from a bunch of letter C's I cut from construction paper. We used watered down glue to attach them. This was a perfect way to practice drawing the letter.

We finished with a little glue and glitter.

We made butterflies with clothespins, tissue paper and pom poms. We then did various things with them like flying them on our heads, down to our toes. We flew them in circles and danced with them. Sorry, there are no pictures since we were having too much fun.

I made a few new tools with the butterfly theme. I made a butterfly matching flipbook.

Also butterfly letter match. I used the idea from this picture and dug into my supply of bottle caps for the letters. You pick a letter out of the bag, say its name or sound then try to find its location on the butterfly. It's a little difficult for Star to find her letter out of the mass of letters, but I like to give her something that's challenging. The first day she did two bottle caps, while the second day she did six before deciding to move on.

I also made these counting cards (little butterfly stickers)

to go into these counting envelopes, which we will use tomorrow. I plan on re-using the envelopes and making different cards to match with different themes later on.

We also played I-Spy to practice our colors and Hide and Go Seek to practice our numbers. (Counting to ten then Here I Come!)

Which leads me to the cute pictures of the week. Star "hiding"

And when she finds me hiding.

To see what others have been doing for Tot School, click on this button, and have a blessed day!
Tot School


  1. I love that butterfly letter matching idea. I will have to do that with my kids. My daughter loves butterflies. We love The Very Hungry Caterpillar too; I recently posted our projects with that book. I LOVE your daughter's hair. I'm happy to have found you on Tot School.

  2. I think the "C" caterpillar is a wonderful idea! I also like the butterfly counting cards. (I, too, love her hair.) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. I to love the C is for caterpillar art project!

  4. What a fun week! I love the ideas - they will go great with Carissa's tot book we are planning to do. :-)

  5. Oh, how clever - using the letter 'c' to form a caterpillar! And the tissue paper butterfly is equally creative! Thank you for adding to my idea list with your beautiful daughter's achievements! :D