Friday, January 30, 2009

Things I Love

There are many things in the world I love, licorice, beautiful sunsets, a quiet walk in the woods. Since having two kids, my list of things I love has slightly changed. Now I find things like an uninterrupted shower, eating dinner in a nice restaurant (anything other than McDonalds) and the ability to read a book in its entirety are creating the same warm and exciting feeling that the things listed above used to. This week my new favorite thing to "love" is the Goodwill. I've always enjoyed a good bargain, but now the amazing treasures I am able to find brings such excitement to my life, that I'm sure my husband has been looking very strangely at me. Yesterday I went to our "local" (ha, ha a 20 minute drive, we live in the country) Goodwill and came out with a small pile of games and puzzles for my kids. The best part is that if they get destroyed in the next week or pieces go missing, I won't fret because I only spent $7 on the whole lot.

Here is Star playing with a foam alphabet puzzle from the Goodwill

I also got Hi Ho Cherrio which we played for our first official Friday Family Fun Night

Here are some pictures from our "Tot School" time for the rest of the week. This is a picture of Star practicing her handwriting skills. I slipped some pages from various workbooks into page protectors and Star uses a white board marker to write on them. She is able to practice drawing straight lines, shapes and we've started doing a few letters. When she's done I just wipe the pages off.

She insisted that we do an art project. I didn't have one ready, so I just looked around to see what I had around me. I found packing peanuts, markers, glue and paper. She had fun sticking the colored peanuts to the paper.

We've been learning about the parts of our body this week. Here we are doing the Hokey Pokey.

I also found these great cards online for ABC Exercises. She LOVES them. Here she is jumping over a Pillow.

Overall its been a great week, though I'm exhausted. I've really enjoyed sharing what we've been doing and can't wait for next week.

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  1. Hi Ho Cherry O is on of our hands down favorites in this house too! :)