Friday, September 18, 2009

A question for you


I just had a quick question for those of you participating in the Nature Explorers Club...

Would it be easier/better if there were two weeks between topics. I want you all to have an enjoyable experience with your kiddos and not be rushed. Also I want you to have enough time to prepare.So what do you think, one week or two?


  1. We are really enjoying this ~ but getting the assignment on Friday and being ready for the next week is a challenge. I think it would be helpful to post the lesson/theme assignment 2 weeks before it is due, but still post weekly. For instance, you could post the new theme this week. Then next week post another theme and then the next week, have the first lesson due. So there is two weeks between that assignment and when it is due, but we are still posting weekly (the lesson from before). That way, I have a week to prepare and a week to do the lesson. The week we are doing the lesson, I can be working on next weeks theme. Does that make any sense at all?

    I am game either way. I had no trouble this week (although we did have to pick an alternate tree). However, if I had had another week, I may have been able to find an oak tree by asking around. I did not have time to do that this week. Last week, I needed a few extra days to work on the post, so wasn't able to post right away.

    Ok, I hope that helped some!

  2. I think the 2 week span is a good idea. We just started joining you for this, and haven't even posted anything yet because we did miss it. We will make the effort either way!

  3. I would like to get involved in this.

    I like the 2 week span because it gives us time to fit it into our week.

    I also wondered if you thought of putting your challenges on the sidebar so people can do past challenges and then post in the comments section (as opposed to the linky if it's closed). Sort of like Barb at Handbook of Nature study does it. I like her challenges, but yours are more age appropriate for my family :) I missed your first one, but we still did it, even though it was late :)