Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nature Explorers Club - Weeks End Update


This week we learned all about Queen Anne's Lace. To read the original post, click here.

Nearby there was a large field filled with Queen Anne's Lace. Sadly, upon arrival I learned that my camera batteries were dead. We continued on with our exploration, and I took several specimens home with me to take pictures to share.

We learned the different stages of Queen Anne's Lace

We especially enjoyed tossing the "birds nest" around

We found several colors including these deep purple colored centers.
*I just tried to upload the picture and it was so blurry it wasn't worth putting up, sorry*

We compared it to a carrot from our garden and found that while they look similar, Queen Anne's Lace does not taste as good as a carrot.

We painted using the flower heads

And finally, I realized I forgot to include this activity. We placed several stems in colored water and watched them change color. This was a great way to show how flowers drink water.
Overall, we had a lot of fun. While in the field we saw a baby praying mantis, some wild sweet peas and had fun trying to catch crickets.

This week, my blogger friend Michelle was busy and created a beautiful button which you can add to your blog if you would like to. You can find it on my side bar. Thanks Michelle!!

If you used one or all of the suggestions and blogged about it, please add your link below because I would love to see it. To see what the topic is for next week, just read the post after this one.


  1. Jen, you did a lot of really neat activities this week! Wow! Great job! *Ü*

  2. I just found you through your friend, Michelle, who is part of the Old HomeSchool Review crew, with me. I will do our Nature unit this week. Thanks!