Friday, September 18, 2009

Nature Explorers Club - Week Update


Sorry for posting so late, but a nasty virus has hit our house, and only now am I able to put my thoughts together.

This past week we learned all about Oak Trees. I personally am in love with Oak trees (did I mention that I have BA in Foresty?) There is something about the silent beauty of a strong, massive oak with it branches twisting and winding out and upward. They almost have a certain grace about them. But I digress...

This week we were joined by two of Esthers friends for our adventures and we had a great time. We are blessed by having an arboreatum for a back yard (literally). The woods are quite nice and they had a great selection of old oak trees.

We took time to explore them,

feeling their bark and looking into their branches

some a little more into it than others...

We did bark rubbings

And collected as many acorns as we could. Sadly most were gone having already been collected by the squirrels, but we found enough to satisfy all.
We made the letter O (for Oak) using acorn caps

And pretended to be trees in light breezes, strong storms, and even with squirrels tickling our sides

We used leaves collected to make a window hanging by ironing them between two pieces of wax paper.
*picture to arrive soon*

Sadly this is when our sickness struck and the rest of the plans have been on hold until better days. We still had fun, and Esther is still talking about the Oak trees, making me one proud mom.

If you and your children ventured out into nature and did some exploring on your own, please feel free to link up below. I will be posting the next topic later this weekend, when I am feeling better.


  1. Yes! The mighty oak is wonderful in all its majesty!

    I hope you are all feeling better now!

  2. I love your nature explorers and will probably join at some point too. The picture of Esther trying to taste the tree is too funny. I agree with others - 2 weeks is probably a better idea. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  3. What a beautiful back yard! I love your acorn O! Looking forward to hearing what's next as soon as you feel better! *Ü*

  4. Well, I know that you've moved on from this nature club exploration, but we still did it today anyway. Here is the link, we really enjoyed this nature study and look forward to more. Hope things are getting better!