Friday, July 17, 2009


Oh My!! Has it really been two weeks since I have posted anything. Summer is going way too fast for me, but we are enjoying ourselves.

We have made a few projects that I have had on my list for a while. We made a windsock I saw on Frugal Family Fun Blog

I made this dress out of a pillowcase that I saw on Chasing Cheerios. It turned out a little too big for her. Maybe in another year or two, I can try this again. Right now when she wears it she looks like she belongs in biblical times!!

Esther started Swimming Lessons. She is so fearless that she just jumps in the pool, which is the reason for the lessons.

We celebrated an anniversary with my husbands parents by taking them out to dinner.

My brother has been in town the past week with his wife Tara. It has been a great week with them. My brother bought an old version of Mouse trap which we played one night.

One day we went to a rock and fossil store where we were able to mine for our own rocks and minerals. It was a blast.

I plan on using the rocks we found to do most of the activities on a blog called Teaching My Little Bookworm. Here is the link for day 1. The rest of the links are here, here, here, and here.

The rest of our time has been enjoying the library and our front yard.

I hope not to have such long breaks between posts, but I think most of you understand that summer can become very busy. We leave on Sunday for a 12 hour trip to my family in CT. I have been busy preparing for the car ride and have several new tools and kits I'm making. I hope to post about them before I leave, but it may have to wait until we return.

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