Friday, June 5, 2009

Tot School

Esther is 30 months old

Recently tot school has consisted mainly of exploring outside in the yard, garden and sand box. Here are a few other activities we did during the past two weeks:

We made chocolate playdough using this recipe. While the dough smelled wonderful and was silky soft, but it didn't taste very good at all. I am on the lookout for an edible playdough that can be eaten after being used.
We painted. Esther LOVES mixing all the colors together, then painting. Right now my home is decorated with lots of lovely brown paintings!
I also gave her a food pick which she used to make designs in the paint.

We finished a bottle of hand soap, so I washed it out and filled it with water and a little bit of soap. Esther really enjoyed squirting the soapy water, but it was a little difficult for her. I think after doing this a few times more, her muscles will be built up enough that she will be able to do it easily.
For some exploration time one day, I gave her some glass beads and several differnt containers that made different noises when the beads were poured into them. While she enjoyed this, it was short lived.
We also read a lot of Curious Geaorge books. She LOVES Curious George.

That was what we did the past two weeks, click the button below to see what others have been doing.
Tot School


  1. I love the practical idea to have her pump soap! I need more ideas like that!

    I have an edible playdough recipe posted here:

    It uses peanut butter but you can use any nut butter such as Sunbutter or almond butter. We used peanut butter, brown sugar and wheat germ. It can also be made with dry milk (and less sugar) for more nutrition.

  2. Oh my gosh, your little ones are adorable!

    I just suggested to my daughter that we make some homemade playdoh this week. I am definitely going to have to try out your recipe (just for the aroma!) and the recipe that Michelle left you as well!

    Blessings to you from Kansas,

  3. I was planning on making chocolate play-doh this week too, but didn't get to it. I definitely don't want anything that tastes good for her to play with because I'm still working with my Lil' Monkey on not eating the real Play-doh.

  4. Your readhead is adorable. Anna was on a Curious George kick for a while - it's really a good series for young children, and the vocabulary is quite advanced. I don't like the Man in a Yellow Hat though - talk about the worst father ever :)